Security Windows

You might feel safe behind your security door, and you would be right if there is high-security Munitus door, but if your house has ground floor windows, intruders would directly choose this way instead of the strong door to come into your premisses.
Therefore along with our security doors range, we design and manufacture high-security and bullet -resistant custom made windows. From RC3, RC4 with up to P8B antivandal glasses and bullet-resistant windows with up to BR6 glasses.
All antivandal and bullet resistant glasses we use only certified from leading glass producers.
Construction of our security windows we produce in the same way like security doors – a robust metal structure (RC3 or RC4) from outside we cover with wood or other type boards to have an aesthetic appearance. Bullet-resistant window’s metal structure inside additionally we cover with certified ballistic steel according to the security level.
Installation of the glass in-to robust metal structure of the widow (also into the doors) is one of the essential processes. Our engineers designed a special reinforced construction that fixed antivandal, or bullet-resistant glass would withstand robbers attacks with heavy-duty hammers. Or even ram-raid assaults with gangs on mopeds, as it is very popular nowadays for smash-and-grab attacks.

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