Our engineers have up to 15 years of experience in designing custom made security doors and windows. They focus efforts only on this kind of custom products to achieve the most excellent quality.

Production line

Munitus production line in the metal shop. Only high quality Swiss and Japanese machinery. That let us produce precisely and efficiently, and it is a big advantage in quality competition.


Next-generation TRUMPF TruLaser 5030 Fiber provides us with a significant advantage in metal cutting accuracy that is very important to achieve the most excellent quality security doors and windows metal structure.


Welding is one of the essential processes in our production line. As most of Munitus products are bespoke and made to measure all welding is done by our highly skilled staff who have more than 15 years of experience in welding security doors and windows.

First step in quality control of welded metal

It is essential after the metal construction is welded and cooled out to check it’s straightness. One of the methods which we use in Munitus factory is to put the door construction on the stand and make quality control with the laser.

Powder painting

Powder painting in Munitus factory of security doors and windows metal structures.

Milling finishing panels

Our CNC milling machines can mill wood, MDF, aluminium and many other materials in 2D and 3D in excellent quality. That allows us to meet the enormous demands of our customers to provide the most attractive quality finishing panels for Munitus security doors.

Painting finishing panels

Finishing panels for Munitus security doors and windows. After the boards are milled, they go through a long process, including the preparation for painting by gently brushing by our highly experienced staff’s hands, following to priming and painting.

Assembly shop

Assembly shop is where the robust metal construction of the door or window unites with beautiful custom made finishing panels, security locking systems and other hardware into a complete package. Our highly skilled employees with long experience assembling custom security doors, with electronic lock systems can handle this job efficiently.

Quality control

As most of our products are custom made, we pay great attention to multi-step quality control. All finished products we double-check: is all parts of doors or windows are appropriately assembled, straightness of the doors, how works locking systems, electronics, etc.

Packing and shipping

We are packing our products for shipping in such manner following where and how they are being shipped. For air cargo or ocean ships, we pack Munitus security products in individual reinforced boxes. For shorter deliveries, we use more straightforward boxes. If the doors are without glasses, we pack them into corrugated cardboard or the simplest packing is on the pallets one by one and protects them with PVC film and pallets additionally packed with corrugated cardboard.

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