Panic (Safe) Rooms

A safe room (panic room) is a reinforced room installed in a private residence or business to provide a safe shelter or hiding place for the inhabitants in case of a break-in, home invasion, terror attack, or other threat when occupiers are inside your home, and you need to find an immediately safe place to hide and to call for help.

Munitus offers a simple solution when any room in your home can become a panic room.

We can provide a security or bulletproof door whose design matches to any other of your interior doors, with electronic or mechanical lock solutions.

If the wall in the premises where you would like to make a panic room is not strong enough, we use our security wall solution – special metal panels to reinforce the walls and make an actual panic room.

The panels protect from the smash hummers attacks and are bulletproof.

Special metal panels for reinforcing the Panic Room’s walls.





We offer two security-level panels: FB4 and FB6.

FB4 panels are bulletproof and protect against Magnum 44

FB6 panels are bulletproof and protect against Rifle 5, 56 x 45; 7.62×51 NATO

Security doors for panic rooms

The security door might have electronic or mechanical security locks and match any existing internal door design.







Munitus security and bulletproof doors were tested in US NTS Chesapeake pagal Intertek notified laboratories, according to BR6, NIJ 0801.01 (National Institute of Justice), and US State Department Of Diplomatic Security standards.


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