That is one of the most popular Munitus security door models. Strong enough to withstand professional burglary attack, certified for fire resistance, burglary test performed in notified laboratory for a single and double door, also with glasses. Robust steel construction can be covered with many types of skin. Filled with 50 mm of rock wool, that gives excellent heat and sound insulation. As all our doors are custom made, can have any design and can be used for inside and outside conditions (using suitable finishing panels and electro-galvanized steel for metal construction).


The Main Technical Data

This door model can be upgraded to Bullet-Proof

Ballistic resistance tests were performed in the US test laboratory NTS-Chesapeake according to UL752 and NIJ 0801.01 (National Institute of Justice) standards.

Together with the European EN1522/1523 standard, they are the most common standards worldwide to specify the required level of ballistic protection.

Munitus RC3 door model tested for UL level 3 and NIJ level 3A that is equal to European EN 1522/1523 standard level FB4

The certified bullet-resistant glass according to EN 1063 standard level BR4 is available to integrate into the door.



Custom sizes, bespoke designs, motorized locking options (operates with any access control system).


Munitus door model Gerlock Classic RC3 meets all requirements of burglary resistance for level 3 under EN 1627:2011 + A1: 2016 (EN 1628; 1629; 1630) standard.

Burglary resistant tests according to this EN 1627 standard were performed in notified KTU test laboratory. There were tested single RC3 door as well single and double door with the glasses. We used anti vandal glass P6B level according to EN 356 standard. This kind glass withstand 50 axe smashes.

First test EN 1628 measures resistance under static loading to measure the overall mechanical strength of the door. During this test, door leaf must withstand in 8 points with 6-kilonewton power press on the door leaf. If the door is with the glass then additionally is tested the glass, pressing in the all the angles and in the centre, trying to push the glass out from the door construction. (That test is very important, as despite what security level of glass is installed, if the door construction is weak, the glass easily can be pushed out from the door leave or from the window frame even without attempt to hit it).

Second test EN 1629 measures resistance to dynamic lauding, the door must withstand physical attack, such as kicking or shoulder barging.

Third test EN 1630 this test simulates real manual burglary attack, the door must withstand five minutes forced entry attack using a selection of tools (5 minutes pure breaking time, total test time 20 minutes)

C3 burglary tests for Munitus double and single security doors with and without glasses



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