Stab ballistic testing machine NTS Chesapeake

bullet proof doors and windows

Bullet Proof Doors

JSC Munitus together with our US partner Shield Security Doors LTD successfully performed ballistic resistance (BR) tests in the US prestigious test laboratory NTS-Chesapeake.

We tested two of our bullet-proof door models:
Munitus FE5 FB4 (Forced Entry Resistant 5 min) (RC3)
Munitus FE15 FB6 (Forced Entry Resistant 15 min) (RC4)

Ballistic resistance tests were performed according to UL752 and NIJ 0801.01 (National Institute of Justice) standards.
Together with the European EN1522/1523 standard, they are the most common standards worldwide to specify the required level of ballistic protection.

Door model Munitus FE5 FB4 tested for UL level 3 and NIJ level 3A
(that is equal to European EN 1522/1523 standard level FB4).

Door model Munitus FE15 FB6 tested for UL level 8 and NIJ level 3
(that is equal to European EN 1522/1523 standard level FB6).

Certified bullet-resistant glass BR4 and BR6 also is available to integrate into the doors.

Bullet Resistant Windows

Along with our bullet-resistant doors, we design and manufacture bullet-resistant custom made windows.

Construction of our bulletproof windows we produce in the same way as security doors – a robust metal structure from outside we cover with wood or other type boards to have an aesthetic appearance. Bullet-resistant window’s metal structure inside additionally we cover with certified ballistic steel according to the security level. For our bullet-resistant windows and doors, we use only certified Pilkington glass according to the required security level BR4 and BR6.

Installation of the glass in-to robust metal structure of the widow (also into the doors) is one of the essential processes. Our engineers designed a special reinforced construction that fixed antivandal, or bullet-resistant glass would withstand not only shoots from guns or rifles but also robbers attacks with heavy-duty hammers, or even ram-raid assaults with gangs on mopeds, as it is very popular nowadays for smash-and-grab attacks.

The tests were performed for two of our doors models
The tests were performed for two of our window models

NTS bullet proof test Rifle 7.62 x 51 (FB6)

2811-003 JSC Munitus Test Report R1

NTS bullet proof test Gun 44-mag (FB4)

NTS Chesapeake Ballistic Resistance Test FB4

BALISTINIAI STANDARTAI UL752, NIJ 0801.01 (National Institute of Justice) Europinis EN15221523

BALLISTIC STANDARDS UL752 NIJ 0801 01 EN 1522 1523 STANAG 4569

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